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Ethno-Park "Ken-Baba"

Photos and description

Ethno-Park "Ken-Baba" is one of the sights of Shymkent. Ethnographic Park, located almost in the center of the city, is one of the most popular holiday destinations of local residents. The total area of the ethnical Park "Ken-Baba" is 3.5 ha. Previously here for quite a while was summer camp, but with time everything has changed. During the reconstruction of the Park builders do not cut down a single living tree, all green spaces were preserved.

Under the yellow gable roof the main entrance gate hangs a sign with the name of the ethnical Park "Ken-Baba". For fans of sports and healthy recreation in the Park offers several sports fields for team games, as well as a tennis court. Especially for children in ethnic Park was built Playground, amusement Park and gorgeous city on the sand "Safari". Particularly noteworthy are the green city "Gifts of the South", which will not leave indifferent any visitor of the ethnical Park "Ken-Baba, and demonstration layout "Kazakhstan in miniature". In the hot summer days will be nice to spend time near the Park, ponds with swans, fountains, artificial channels, to listen to the soothing murmur of the waterfall of AK-su.

In ethnic Park is artists gallery, and also built the village craftsmen and artisans. In a separate area there are seven pavilions of national cultures: Kazakh, Uzbek, Slavic, Tatar-Bashkir, European, Korean, Uygur, and Chinese.

Entrance to the ethnographic Park is decorated with a sculpture depicting a hand on the pedestal that hold the globe with children.

In the shops can be expensive to buy various national Souvenirs. Throughout the ethno-Park "Ken-Baba" is a huge number of cafes serving national and European cuisine.