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The Tract Bectauata

Photos and description

The tract bectauata is a unique natural object, is known far beyond the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The tract is located 70 km to the North from Balkhash city near Karaganda. In Russian language the name of the tract is translated as "mountain of the Holy elder Beck". A legendary old man lived in a cave on the top bectauata.

The height of the mountain more than 1000 metres it is surrounded by pink granite rocks, which are composed of frozen on the slopes of the lava. Granitic rock is very smooth, but not slippery, so upstairs is quite convenient and easy. During the rain water a wide stream of flow down the slope bectauata, while reflecting and shimmering. The terrain in the mountains bectauata very different - small plains interspersed with picturesque rocks.

Thanks to sun, wind and water there were these amazing cliffs. Millennial processes of weathering gradually destroyed the breed, and in those places where the granite was less durable rocks took on fantastic shapes. As a result, the names are appropriate - "Trahtube", "Chest", "Mushroom", "Turtle". One of the arrays is called "Maricunga" yellow argali.

In bectauata grows several hundred species of plants. A special place in the tract is "Auliye" with fresh water, which is sacred and has healing properties.

Very nice mountain bectauata looks in the morning and sunset. It is these moments in a hurry to capture photographers. During the day, under the influence of light and shadow and the picture changes many times, sometimes one gets the feeling that the mountain bectauata alive and not stone. And when the sky gather clouds, from the greatness and beauty of nature is simply breathtaking.

Photographers prefer to arrive in the tract in summer, when the scope for creative imagination is unlimited.