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The Mausoleum Of Raimbek Batyr

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The mausoleum of Raimbek Batyr is one of the attractions of the city of Almaty. The Museum is dedicated to the brave warrior who lived in the middle ages who took part in the battles against the Dzungars. Kazakh Batyr came to prominence thanks to the good tactics of warfare and victory over the Dzungar khanate.

Legendary military leader and the leader has lived a worthy life. He was buried with military honors near the city of Almaty. According to one legend, the elder, in anticipation of his death, in his will, told to put him on a camel and rest there, where the animal, exhausted, stop. That's why in front of the stele can be seen today the stone statue of a camel. Later burial became the Eastern border of the city.

During the civil war the tomb of the Kazakh Batyr, was destroyed. In 60-ies of the last century there were attempts of demolition here was the Muslim cemetery. Urban legends tell of the numerous breakdowns of construction machinery and all kinds of unforeseen circumstances, in which the grave is preserved.

In 1981, at the grave of Raimbek Batyr has installed a granite stele. In 1994, thanks to the initiative of the historical-ethnographic society "Raiymbek", the burial place of the famous Batyr appeared the majestic mausoleum. The mausoleum is placed in a prominent place, originally decorated on all sides has a fence.

In 1991 the local authorities have decided to assign one of the Central streets of Almaty, the name of Raimbek. In 2005, all of Kazakhstan was solemnly celebrated 300 years anniversary from the birthday of the legendary commander and leader of Raimbek Batyr. He also dedicated one of the novels by writer J. Turabajuly, as well as the poem of the poet M. Makatayev "Raimbek, Raimbek!".