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Catholic Church of the sacred heart of Jesus

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The temple of the sacred Heart of Jesus in the city of Petropavlovsk is the oldest active Catholic parish in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The temple was built with funds donated by faithful Catholics. At that time in Petropavlovsk and the surrounding area there were about 3 thousand parishioners.

Initially, the Church was located on Voznesensky Prospekt in the small wooden building. There on Sundays children's Sunday school. Here lived a priest. Soon, however, the area of the Church of the fat is insufficient to cope with all the parishioners, so the Catholic community appealed to the Governor-General of the Steppe region with the petition for the erection of a new brick Church next to the wooden. A new Church was built around 1911-1912, the building, however, their purpose was not used.

In 1917, after the October revolution, the Church building was nationalized and was turned into housing for the workers of the party organs and commercial enterprises. In 1924, the Church was removed from the dome, and the building was adapted as living rooms for the first secretaries of oblast party Committee. In addition to the dwellings of the first secretaries there was a dining room and a room for visitors to the town senior party workers. In 1956 the Church building was used as a kindergarten "Zarya".

In April 1999 the building was transferred to the Roman Catholic parish of the Holy Trinity. In 1999-2001, the Church was carried out reconstruction work. The second consecration of the restored Church took place in 2002.

Peter and Paul Church of the sacred heart of Jesus is a typical Polish Church of the latter half of the NINETEENTH century Stone structure has a strict and restrained form. Decorative elements in the temple are missing. Unusual architectural addition to the Cathedral is the loggia, which significantly contributes to the plasticity of the building.