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The monument to Abulkhair Khan

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The monument to Abulkhair Khan in Aktobe - a monument dedicated to the famous Kazakh leader, commander, politician and diplomat of Abulkhair Khan. The monument is situated in the Central part of the city and is one of the main attractions of Aktobe.

Abulkhair from a young age he took an active part in military campaigns and raids Kazakh sultans and khans. He participated in the defense of Sayram, Tashkent, and Turkestan, which was under the possession of his ancestors. In 1718, Abulkhair was elected as the Khan of the Younger Zhuz. Despite her young age, Abulkhair was very capable organizer, courage and military skill.

In Abulkhair Khan combined the talent of a diplomat, and art of the commander. Being a representative of his era - he was one of the brightest examples that existed at the time of customs and manners. In August 1748 Abulkhair Khan was killed by Sultan Barak. The great General was buried in the cemetery of "the Han malasa", which is located on the territory of Aitekebi district (Aktobe oblast), 4 km from the confluence of Kabyrga and Ulkayak.

Aktobe monument to Abulkhair Khan was established in 2000, a Monument made entirely of bronze. Its height is about 6.5 m, length 5.8 m, width - 2.1 m. the authors of the project of the monument to the legendary commander took a famous sculptor E. Serkebaev and architects. GN Kozhagulov and B. Egimbaev.

The authors of this project decided to portray the great General at that point in time, when the fate of the Kazakh people and there was a great battle with dzhungars. Raised hand of Khan Abulkhair called his people to unity and victory.

The monument fit into the General architectural ensemble of the city. Near it is a Park, a great place for walking, hotel, several shops. Around the monument is always crowded, full of the usual city life and all that high of a pedestal, proudly sitting on a horse watching Abulkhair Khan.

The monument to Abulkhair Khan became the decoration of the city of Aktobe and the pride of its inhabitants.