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The Nurzhol Boulevard

Photos and description

One of the most beautiful places in the Kazakh capital is the nurzhol Boulevard, located on the left Bank of the Ishim river. On the Boulevard are located almost all major business, government and cultural centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan House of ministries, Baiterek, the State Archive, the building of "KazMunaiGas" and Exhibition center "Korme".

The design of nurzhol Boulevard was made by famous Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, who is the author of master plan of Astana city. In appearance the Boulevard is a three-storey building.

In the lower part of the building are Parking lots in the middle of businesses and retail outlets that provide different services, as well as several cafes and restaurants. In the upper part of the Boulevard is a pedestrian area. She has an amazing colorful flower beds and emerald lawns paints, intoxicating smell of flowers, beautiful walkways with benches and original small architecture. In addition, there are indoor galleries leading into the standing in this place of buildings.

One of the main attractions of nurzhol Boulevard are amazing fountains. Worth noting that all of the fountains green Boulevard have their own individual design and look. Also especially popular are the twelve sculptured statues, including a sculpture of the guard, the sage, the dancer, a shaman, and so on. The Round square building with two towers and the original building Transport tower, striking in its beauty.

To date, green water nurzhol Boulevard is a favorite spot of local residents and guests of Astana city. In the evening the Boulevard is highlighted by the multitude of lights that turn him into a real diamond, which once appeared on the steppe - probably, all it is to this effect and sought its creators.