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Ethno-memorial complex "Atameken"

Photos and description

One of the most important objects of social-cultural sphere of the city of Astana is a unique ethno-memorial complex "Atameken". This is the place, where in the thumbnail you can see all the riches and attractions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The opening of the memorial complex took place in September 2001 at the initiative of the head of state. The total area of this unique outdoor Museum is 1.7 ha. the Authors of this draft were made by the best designers and architects of the country. From Turkic language "Atameken" is translated as "Land of ancestors".

The purpose of the activities of the ethno-memorial complex is to ensure the safety, accessibility and the inclusion of the local population towards the spiritual and historical-cultural values, the promotion of the achievements of Kazakh culture, the reflection of economic performance and racy all natural zones of Kazakhstan, the preservation and enhancement of cultural values.

In the memorial complex "Atameken" the whole country can be seen at a glance. On a huge map of Kazakhstan has 14 regions and 2 cities of Republican significance - Astana and Almaty. Here in detail the variety of architecture, urban ensembles, climatic zones and landscapes. However, the main place among all this is the historical and cultural monuments.

On the area of two football fields placed a small copy of the natural and architectural attractions: the main symbols of the city of Astana - Baiterek, the Pyramid of Peace and Accord Palace, the main industrial facilities of the Republic, mountain landscapes, agricultural fields, roads, bridges and so on. Overall, in the Park of miniatures features over 200 attractions, but their number is gradually increasing.

Together with the Park-a map of the ethno-memorial complex "Atameken" also includes the forum arena, which hosts various concerts, rallies and other public events. There are workshops where we develop products and crafts.

In the memorial complex "Atameken" is possible for some time to feel like a real Gulliver.