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Talgar gorge

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Talgar gorge - one of the natural attractions of the country. The gorge is located in southern Kazakhstan, 20 km from Almaty.

Talgar gorge consists of several large canyons - Maralsai, Left, Right and Middle Talgar, Aspen and Stone gorge. Therefore, it is necessary to speak not about the gorge of Talgar and about the whole system of ravines, on the basin of the Talgar river. A large part of the pool is a nature reserve of Almaty, and the rest - Or-Alatau national Park.

In the Talgar gorges are relatively heat-loving fruit crops, and other familiar cold climate plants. Only in Talgar gorges can be seen entire slopes covered with apricot trees that grow here mixed with aspen, birch, willow and Apple tree. In the Talgar gorges, especially in Maralsai and Stone slit at the altitude of 1400-1800 m above sea level among dense spruce forests foresters raised a great Apple orchards, give a rich harvest of delicious fruit.

In 1964 with the organization of the reserve of the wild nature is gradually beginning to recover. Several times increased the number of spruce undergrowth, green meadows, appeared Tien Shan birch seed, multiplied snowcocks, partridges, grouse, wild boar, Turkey and deer. In the reserve you can meet even the squirrel-teledu, Tien Shan bears, snow leopards and argali, whose population was on the verge of extinction.

The Talgar river, which originates in the center of the glaciation of Zailiysky Alatau, has considerable abounding, fast flow and roar of the turbulent flow. The noise of bubbling water and raked it moved boulders can be heard day and night, he never stops.