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Entertainment center "Duman"

Photos and description

Entertainment center "Duman" - a unique complex of Astana city, was founded in 2003, the Complex features an aquarium, animatronic theatre "Jungle", a gift shop, a 5D cinema, flight simulator, zoo-Exotarium, a spherical cinema "Gagarin Go", a Domed space with an area of about 3200 sq. m.

The aquarium of the entertainment centre is the first and only in the CIS. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all over the world will not find such facilities, located at a distance of more than 3 thousand km from the ocean. The aquarium is home to around 2 million species of marine life, marine fauna from different parts of the world.

These accomplishments were achieved thanks to a unique device with the inclusion of a variety of pipes, pumps and filters, which ensure the aquarium water in a volume of three million litres. In the aquarium you can see fish predators of piranhas, sharks, sea urchins, anemones, seahorses and many more.

5D cinema "Duman" is equipped with oversized stereoscreen, and special moving capsules with comfortable Seating, upscale sound system and diverse atmospheric and water effects. Here everyone can take a fascinating journey into the middle Ages or in the era of the dinosaurs, outer space, the stars etc.

History lovers should visit the Dome space, which consists of four zones: America, Kazakhstan, Greece and China.

In the heart of the unique complex is the Central walking area, cafes, shopping facilities and lots of entertainment - "the Jungle", a gambling house, bowling, as well as hotels and universal hall.