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The Ile-Alatau national Park

Photos and description

The Ile-Alatau national Park is a state natural Park created by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in February 1996, the Park was based on a suburban Kaskelen and Turgen forestry within Talgar, Enbekshikazakh and Karasai districts of Almaty region.

The main purpose of the creation of the national Park is to preserve the unique landscapes, flora and fauna, improve conditions for recreation and tourism, and more.

Its total area is 199 ha. 703 the length of the natural Park from West to East, beginning from the river Chemolgan to the Turgen river is 120 km, and diameter - about 30 km.

The main attraction of the Ile-Alatau Park is its virgin nature. It's hard to believe that the Millennium of the economic activity of nomads in the TRANS-ili Alatau did not affect the ecological balance of the area. In the national Park are 15 natural monuments, including the monument of nature "Chin-Turgen spruce forests".

Flora of the natural Park is quite diverse. There are more than 1 thousand species of plants, some of them are listed in the Kazakhstan Red book. In the lowlands, you can meet Ostrovsky's Tulip, iris, albert, Kursavka Mushketov, Apple Sievers, in the highlands - pechenocnuu Falconer, anthrax Tien-Shan, in the middle lands - a crested bird Semenova, Erysimum orange, Oxytropis Alma-ATA, and many other plants. In the Park are widely spread in medicinal plants, e.g., rose, tansy, yarrow, Valerian and dandelion.

No less diverse and rich fauna of the natural Park. Here are 213 species of vertebrates and more than 1,500 species of invertebrates. Among them, 47 species of mammals, 148 species of birds, 8 species of reptiles, 2 species zemnovodnye and 8 species of fish. Most often in open spaces and in the woods meet deers-marals, ROE deer, and higher in mineral deposits rocks are Siberian ibex-Tek. Frequent badger, boar, Fox, wolf and rodents.

In the national Park Ile-Alatau, there are several mountain lakes - the Big Almaty, Akkol, and Bozkol, two rapid and noisy waterfall - Bear and Kairak, silent and bizarre rock glaciers in the valleys of the rivers lake and Archaly, and majestic glaciers of the Constitution, Tuyuk-su and Dmitriev.