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Lake Issyk

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Lake Issyk - Alpine lake located in Issyk gorge of TRANS-ili Alatau, about 70 km from Almaty. The picturesque lake is surrounded by dense forests and wide fields of flowers. According to geologists, the lake was formed about 8-10 thousand years ago as a result of powerful mountain collapse. Initially, the depth of Issyk was 50 to 79 m, length - 1850 m and a width of about 500 m. the Water in the lake had blue-green color.

In 1939 on the shore of the lake was open to the tourist base of the all. After 20 years, the opening of the Park of lake Issyk restaurant and hotel. A huge number of Kazakhs and guests of the Republic every summer vacationing here. In July 1963, a huge mudflow from the upper reaches of the Issyk river collapsed into the lake. The natural dam in the Western part of the lake were destroyed, emptied the pond in just four hours. A giant wave claimed thousands of lives, and caused many destructions in the town of Issyk. On your path of a huge mudslide tore down the houses of rest, pioneer camps, entire neighborhoods and streets, as well as planted fields. The mudflow broke through to the Kuldzha tract. In a powerful mudflow Issyk river changed its course. On the place of Issyk, a small lake appeared.

Issyk selle 1963 became one of the largest and destructive mudflows in the territory of the USSR. By the early 1990s over the work to restore broken mudflow dam and spillway device structures. Over the past 40 years, the volume of the lake was restored to 3/4.

Today on a hillside near lake Issyk cross has been erected in memory of the victims. Young trees that have sprouted on the former bottom of the lake, many ruins on the lower shore and the huge boulders remind of the tragedy.

Near lake Issyk are beautiful rocks "Kremlin wall". Extraordinarily beautiful nature and partially restored the lake all also attract tourists.