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The house of the merchant Yuzefovich

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The house of the merchant Yuzefovich, located in the city of Petropavlovsk on the streets 314-th infantry division, is the most wonderful and unique creation of wooden folk architecture of prerevolutionary Petropavlovsk. The building was built in 1909, and the initiator of its construction was made by the merchant and lumberman A. Yuzefovich. The author of this project was the architect A. P. Zenkov, who is the author of many well-known architectural objects of the city of Almaty.

Home wall log. The main decoration of the facades are decorative corbels. Over the vestibule of the main façade is a hipped-roof cupola, crowned with a spire. The Windows of the building framed by wide frames with complex shapes. The complex is also different form the roof of the building. Over the one - story part of the house- bunk and pitched, and over two - storey hipped and bunk. The Foundation and basement of the building are made of burnt bricks. The floor is made of wood. On all sides the house is surrounded by a fence with a gate.

Beginning of the twentieth century in the house-monument was placed in different companies. With the advent of Soviet power it was used as an orphanage, from 1927 to 1928 - the colony for juvenile delinquents, and since the 1930s as the medical and other institutions. In the 70s there was a school for working youth. In 1982, by decision of the Petropavlovsk city Executive Committee of the house of the merchant Yuzefovich was taken under the protection of the city.

In 1985 the building was restored and handed over to the Museum Association. Today, the House of the merchant Yuzefovich is at the disposal of the North Kazakhstan regional Museum of fine arts.