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The Park named after 28 Panfilov guardsmen

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The main and most beautiful Park of Almaty city is the Park named after 28 Panfilov's guardsmen. Park area of about 18 hectares is located in Medeu district of Almaty. The Park territory is limited to the streets of Kazybek bi, Gogol and Kunaev Zenkova.

The Park was laid during the construction of the city Faithful in the 70-ies of the XIX century at the place of the stanitsa's cemetery, because it was originally called Starokulatinsky. Today it is a green area, divided by straight paths and tracks where grow perennial oaks, aspens, pines, firs, the elms, maples and poplars.

For all time of its existence, the Park has repeatedly changed its name, only in 1942, it was finally renamed in honor of the men of Panfilov, who in November 1941, a small force held the onslaught of the Germans on the approaches to Moscow.

The memory of the heroism of the guardsmen were immortalized in granite triptych, mounted to the 30-anniversary of the Victory in the Central part of the Park. The left part of the monument dedicated to the young Kazakh soldiers, the right side is "Trumpeting the glory" - embodies the victory and the triumph of life, and in the Central part of the composition - "Feat" - captured images of the guardsmen as a symbol of heroism of Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic war. In the memory Alley you can see the obelisks with the names of 28 heroes who were able to survive in an unequal battle with the Nazis, and in the center is an Eternal Flame.

A walk in the Park in Almaty will be very interesting and useful, because here is located some of the buildings and monuments. In the Eastern part of the Park are the House officers and the Museum of folk instruments, the Monument to soldiers-internationalists, and the memorial of Glory with Eternal flame. In addition, Park visitors have the opportunity to see the Park and other memorials such as the monument to the soldiers fallen in the war in Afghanistan.