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Aktobe regional planetarium

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Aktobe regional planetarium was the first and for a long time the only stationary planetarium in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is in the old part of the city of Aktobe, near the building of the temple of St. Michael the Archangel built in 1900.

Aktobe planetarium was opened in January 1967, Its history is quite interesting and unique, because it is associated with the gift from the residents of the now-defunct country - the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In mid 60-ies of Sittwe received an unusual and very valuable gift - opto-mechanical device "Planetarium", the documents to which was attached the inscription read: "from the workers of Germany, workers of the Soviet Union". This gift was made for a reason and had its own history. In 1962 in Aktobe region was harvested a rich harvest of grain. The local government has decided to send surplus grain of the GDR. In turn, the Germans in gratitude gave the city apparatus "Planetarium".

Having received such a unique gift, the authorities of Aktobe region, immediately ordered the city construction of the building for the planetarium. The building was erected in just four months. Install German device worked by specially invited experts from Moscow. In the Kazakh city of Aktobe apparatus "Planetarium" is working for 47 years.

The main feature of the Aktobe regional planetarium is licensed fulldome program with a demonstration of the Solar system and starry sky. Sessions are carried out using video images that fill the entire inner surface of the dome, creating the effect of full immersion.

Thanks to several projection apparatuses in the hall of the Aktobe planetarium demonstrate different astronomical phenomena such as lunar and solar eclipses, meteor showers, sunrise and sunset. In addition, in the star chamber held interesting lectures on astronomy and space exploration, including for children, and traditional festivals.