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Museum "Rukhaniyat"

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Museum "Rukhaniyat" in Aktobe is the first and only in the Republic of Kazakhstan the Museum, which exhibits tell visitors about the origins of traditional religions of the world. Symbolic is considered and the location of the Museum. It is the basement of the main mosque "Nur Gasyr". Its area is over 800 sqm.

Grand opening of the Museum took place in December 2011 and was timed to the celebration of 20 years anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main idea of the Museum was to support the peace and harmony of world and traditional religions, the advancement of the spiritual and cultural development of all miles of the region's population.

The main activities of the cultural institutions is the implementation of research, scientific and educational activities, as well as the identification and acquisition of Museum collections and objects on the history of religion, study them using primary sources.

In the Central Museum exposition contains materials about the history of Islam. There is also information about the rituals of Islam and biography of prophet Muhammad. In the Museum "Rukhaniyat" contains a unique manuscripts, sacred books, charms, clothing, jewelry, beads, household items, paintings, lithographs, weapons with Koranic texts, prints and modern reproductions. Also, in the Museum one can get acquainted with the biographies and writings of such well-known Kazakh enlighteners: A. Kunanbayev, sh. Valikhanov, A. kaige, A. Yassaui, Shakarim, M. Dulatov and others. Each exhibit presented at the Museum has its own interesting history: the original Korans of the NINETEENTH century and beginning of the twentieth century, models of shrines and mosques of bricks, the seal of the imams, galamaz.

In the Museum "Rukhaniyat" by professional theologians and cultural experts who are always ready to answer any question visitors.