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North-Kazakhstan Museum of fine arts

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Regional Museum of fine arts in Petropavlovsk was opened in 1989 the Museum is located in the building, which in 1982 received the status of a monument of history and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Museum was opened on the basis of the art Department of a local historical Museum.

In the 1960s, the art gallery of the city of Alma-ATA was donated to the Museum the first collection: sculptures of Kazakh artists, paintings and graphics. Also, the Museum purchased paintings from local artists.

In 1985, the Museum collection was supplemented by works transmitted all-Union production and artistic center named after Vuchetich (Moscow), the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, Directorate of exhibitions, Ministry of culture, CEB, gifts and purchases.

Today on the area of 394 sq. m. the eyes of visitors represented more than 5 thousand exhibits. The main part of the Museum's collection covers the section graphics presented by works of such famous artists as Vladimir Favorsky, Poplawski, R. Khachatryan, Kukryniksy and others. The painting section is compiled from the works of Kazakh artists - N. Khludov, A. Kasteev, J. Shardenov, A. Ismailov, I. Stadnichuk, V. Krylova, L. Leontiev, S. Baldano, N. Nikoghosyan, O. Komova, M. Rapoport, and others.

Funds decorative arts consist of collections of the Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian artists of applied art: objects, Ethnography and ceramics, Ural samovars, trays, icons. In addition, the regional Museum of fine arts of Petropavlovsk city has a very fine collection of works of children's creativity. In 1992, at the Peter and Paul Museum was opened the literary Department, which has about 2,600 exhibits. This included manuscripts, artworks, personal items and letters of famous writers.