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Karaganda state zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Kazakhstan. The zoo is located on the street yermekova.

The opening of the Zoological Park was opened in 1938 Due to favourable climatic conditions here are different animals, both common, and quite rare and exotic. The total area of the Karaganda state zoo is about 43 hectares, of which spent 8 hectares.

Over the last five years in the Zoological Park continue to improve conditions for the animals, special attention is paid to the breeding of endangered species. In 2012, the Karaganda state Zoological Park was granted the status of specially protected natural areas of local importance.

Each year, the zoo hosts a variety of interesting and entertaining activities for the whole family, for example, the opening and closing of the summer season, the birthdays of the zoo's inhabitants, bird Day, various charity events and much more.

Over the past decade, the species composition of the Zoological Park with 150 species has grown to 250. Through the acquisition and exchange animals with other zoos, local residents have a wonderful opportunity to experience kangaroos, a rare species of primates, and, of course, the darlings of the Karaganda - Hippo Eugene and his girlfriend Kinaras.

A true symbol of the Karaganda state zoo is the Pelican. Except for animals that are listed in the Red book, the sights of the Zoological Park are talking forty-Clara and unique talking Indian elephant Batyr. All visitors to the zoo are surprised that the elephant can imitate human speech, saying more than 20 words.