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Charyn canyon

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One of the unique natural monuments of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an amazing Charyn canyon. The canyon is located 195 km East of Almaty, near the border with China. The canyon stretched on 154 km along Kazakhstan's Charyn river. The Charyn canyon is part of the Charyn national nature Park, and enjoys great popularity among tourists.

In appearance Charyn canyon resembles the Grand canyon, located in North America. Kazakhstan the canyon is slightly inferior to the size of the Grand canyon of the Colorado, but in beauty they are equal.

Monument of nature Charyn canyon is composed of sedimentary rocks, the age of about 12 million years. The height of steep mountains of up to 150-300 m.

Very interesting place for vacationers and tourists in the Charyn canyon is a unique Valley of castles. The length of this amazing valley is 2 km and width from 20 to 80m.

In the bosom of the canyon Charyn preserved grove of relict ash-tree - ash Sogdian who lived through the era of glaciation. Another similar grove is only available in North America. In 1964 Yasenevo grove was declared a natural monument. In addition, great interest is the so-called Turanga grove - grove of Asian poplar.

Charyn canyon is famous for its variety of flora and fauna. On its territory there are about 1,500 species of plants, inhabited by 62 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles, over 100 species of nesting birds. 17 species of plants listed in the Kazakhstan Red book.

Charyn canyon Kazakhstan because of its beauty and landscape diversity is a real Paradise for Hiking and all fans of the wild nature.