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The mountainous assy plateau

Photos and description

High-mountainous plateau assy - a beautiful piece of nature, located 100 km East from Almaty. The plateau is located at an altitude of about 3 thousand meters above sea level.

The mountainous assy plateau is an incredible place where before the eyes open fantastic pictures and incredibly beautiful landscapes. In the winter season assy plateau becomes amazing beauty: the blue sky and white landscapes will conquer everyone who once visited these places. Due to the peculiar topography of the plateau has great athletic prospects. On its territory are planning to create a ski resort of world level.

Assy plateau out to the East along the river assy. Along the river you can find ancient burial mounds and rock carvings, which are one of the most mountainous accumulations of petroglyphs in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the top of a high plateau built astrophysical Observatory, assy-Turgen, which has one of the world's largest telescopes. The Observatory assy-Turgen built the Astrophysical Institute of the Kazakh SSR. The construction of the Observatory began in 1975, Already in 1981 on a meter Zeiss was initiated constant surveillance. In 2009, the Observatory received its present name "assy". To date, "assy" is the only Observatory in the Republic of Kazakhstan with an ideal astroclimate.

In summer, the assy plateau becomes the fabulous shades and colors, because on its territory there are a wide variety of plants that bloom right on the rocks. Here you can find a huge number of amazing landscapes, flowers, trees bizarre shapes, hills, stones, moss-grown, grazing peacefully on the plains herds of horses and rivers with incredibly clear water.