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Independence Park

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A modern landmark and a real pride of the city of Shymkent is the Park of Independence. Grand opening of the city Park was held in 2011 in honor of the 20th anniversary of independence of the country with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The new Park has become a real adornment not only of the city but the entire region. The Park is located in the historic centre of Shymkent.

The highlight of the Park of Independence is its design. In the center there is the impressive monument of unity of people of Kazakhstan, which was created from 137 metal elements, symbolizing 137 nationalities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Along the Central alley of the Park you can see the granite plaque, which depicted striking events in the life of the country since independence.

For the creation of Independence Park in Shymkent was spent huge sum of money. Half of the money allocated by the state, and another half - local businessmen who were interested in improving the shape of the hometown. The Park covers an area of 82 thousand sq. m. the main entrance to city Park ornamented arch.

The Park has everything for a perfect holiday: stalls selling drinks and snacks, drinking fountains, on each path there are benches and amazing flower beds, specially ordered from Holland. However, the main pride of the Park of Independence is a great "singing" fountain, over created by the Chinese architect. Daily water jets perform intricate figures to the accompaniment of modern and classical music.

Independence Park in Shymkent is one of the favorite holiday destinations not only local residents but also visitors alike.