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Peak Khan-Tengri

Photos and description

Peak Khan-Tengri is the real treasure of Tien-Shan, located on the border of three countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China. Peak Khan-Tengri is the second highest mountain in the northernmost of the Asian mountain chains. In the Turkic language the name of the mountain translates as "Lord of heaven". Very few tops can match the beauty of Khan Tengri. Especially unique performance peak is at sunset, when all the surrounding peaks enshrouded in darkness, and only one Khan Tengri painted in bright red color.

The first scientific information about the mountain date back to the middle of XIX century for the First time Khan Tengri was seen and described in 1856-1857 gg. famous Russian geographer and traveler p. P. Semenov-Tyan-Shan during his trip to Tien Shan.

To date, completed more than 10 mountaineering routes to the summit of Khan Tengri. All these routes can be divided into two main groups: ascent from the South side of southern Inylchek glacier, and climbing from the North side of the Northern Inylchek glacier. The most popular route of ascent from the South is route number 1 - "marble rib". This route is constantly monitored by a lifeguard service.

Peak Khan-Tengri is the main goal of many professional climbers. To reach the top you need to spend about two weeks. At the peak of Khan-Tengri buried capsule containing a message from previous climbers for future explorers of the mountains. Every climber who climbed to the top of the peak, digs up the capsule and use the pencil leaves a message, namely the name and date of ascent, and then buries the capsule again.

At the foot of Khan-Tengri, you can see the glacier Inylchek and the mysterious lake Merzbacher, appearing annually in the summer only to disappear in August.