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Istoriko-kraevedcheskiy Muzey im. G. N. Potanin

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The Pavlodar historical Museum of local lore the name of a famous traveler and researcher of Central Asia G. N. Potanin, is located on Lenin street. The main facility is housed in a building built in the 1890s and is an architectural monument. At the time, this historic building housed the shops of the merchant 1-St Guild, A. Derova. Internal departments and the administration are on the second floor of the former post and Telegraph office.

The regional historic-local Museum of the city of Pavlodar was created in 1942 on the basis of the photographic collection and the collection of exhibits of famous photographer-ethnographer Dmitry Polikarpovich Bagaeva, who is its founder. In 1959, the Museum was named G. N. Potanin.

The Museum exposition is located in 12 halls, the total area of the Museum is 1883,2 sq. m. currently, the Museum houses more than 70 thousand interesting exhibits.

A special pride and creative performance of the Museum were its collection from year to year to replenish and improve. The basis of the Museum collection are the following collections: paleontological, archeological, ethnographic, fotosobraniya collection, numismatics, science, documentary, production, collection of firearms and bladed weapons.

In the Museum named after G. Potanin presented the unique exhibits such as the skeletons of giant Irish deer, mammoth, specimens of fossils and minerals, various items of primitive civilization (weapons, jewelry, Scythian cauldron, stone sculptures, stone and bronze tools).

Along with a tour and lecture by the Museum organizes exhibitions from its own funds and from funds of the national museums. Holds local history lessons, recitals, master classes and lecture-concerts.