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The Shymkent zoo

Photos and description

Shymkent zoo is located near the picturesque lake Tulpar. Initiated the creation of the Zoological Park is the first Secretary of the Shymkent regional Committee of the party Asanbai Askarov. The official opening of the zoo took place in April 1980

In the first years of its existence in the collection of the Zoological Park there were about 75 species and 350 animals. Since its opening, the collection of animals is constantly increasing. The Shymkent zoo not only contains and complements the collection of animals, but also helpless, and is also engaged in the conservation of endangered species that are listed in the Red book. The total area of the Zoological Park is 540 thousand sq m, of which 340 thousand sq. m adapted for exposure.

The Shymkent zoo was sheltered 1700 animals of over 250 species. Are mammals, artiodactyls, reptiles and primates. Of mammals at the zoo you can see bears, amaterskog tiger, white tiger, leopard and lions. A little further are placed cages with primates: monkeys, orangutans, chimpanzees and baboons. Then there are the cages with hippos, bison, camels, giraffes, deer and horses. In October 2015, in the Zoological Park were brought very rare animals such as blue sheep. In addition, the zoo has an aquarium, which is home to 510 species of fish.

Notable is the fact that almost a quarter of food consumed by the inhabitants of the zoo are grown here, which saves a huge amount of money, which is used to upgrade the zoo.

For visitors in the Shymkent zoo provides specially equipped recreation area. Throughout concentrated sources of drinking water, benches and stalls where you can buy ice cream and drinks.