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Kazakh musical-drama theatre. Zh

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The Pavlodar regional Kazakh music and drama theatre of a name of Jusipbek Aimauytov is located on the street Lomova. The opening of the musical drama was held in December 1990, the musical Comedy "Aiman-Sholpan" (M. Auezov) staged by the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Tapenov.

The name of Zhusupbek aymautov is not only a theatre, but the streets in many Kazakhstan cities. He was a multi-genre writer, psychologist, teacher, educator and founder of the drama and the novel in the Kazakh language.

The Pavlodar music and drama theatre is the first Kazakh theater in independent Kazakhstan. Its creators were honoured worker of culture chief Director - E. Tapenov, artists - S. Tazhibayev and R. Tazhibayeva, S. and A. Bekbolatov Bekbolatova, Amangeldy Beetle, who came from Karaganda, Mukhtar Manapov from the Zhezkazgan theatre. So, they took the Pavlodar theatre in the leading theatres of Kazakhstan. A little later the working part of the theatre joined the talented graduates of the Kazakh Institute of arts. Today's leading actors - by M. Bayzhumanov, T. Tambet, I. Baktybek and others. The theatre is the only country among the musical-drama theatres, Symphony orchestra, vocal coaches, choreographer and accompanist.

The repertoire of the theatre consists of 100 performances - is the best samples of Russian and foreign drama: Anton Chekhov's "the Seagull", W. Shakespeare "King Lear", M. Auezov "Enlik - Kebek", "Karaks" and many others. The theatre has a small hall for 110 seats and a large hall with a mezzanine at 482.

In the theatre with the huge success of the evenings of classical music and ballads, there are also the so-called mono-performances.