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The Kazakh drama theatre. S. Seifullin

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Kazakh drama theatre named after S. Seifullin is one of the oldest theatres of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The theatre is situated in Karaganda, on the Avenue to Bukhar Zhyrau.

The opening of the Karaganda regional Kazakh drama theatre was held in 1932 By the decision of local authorities in 1964, it was named after the founder of modern Kazakh literature, the famous poet, writer, and statesman Saken Seifullin.

The founders of the drama are actors such as Z. Koshkimbayev, T. Zhabayev, A. Shaimerdenov, J. Shashkina, N. The Atakhanov M. Bektenov, S. Inosov, M. Bayazitova, N. Zhabayev, S. Tungushbaev, T. Sagintaev and many others. His great contribution to the creation of productions made by talented Directors: G. Hovhannisyan, T. Tungushbaev, M. Biserrula, B. Atabaev, E. Abaev, M. Kambarov, M. Bekkhozhin, Zh. Omarov, A. Duisebaev, A. Mambetov, A. Koldanov, J. Esenbekov, M. Kozybaev, A. Orazbekov and so on. Thanks to their professionalism on the stage of Tetra was presented works of both domestic and foreign drama.

At various contests and festivals of drama theater named after S. Seifullin has repeatedly received high awards. For example, at the national festival dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Zh. Zhabayev, A. Orazbekova play "Lonely Apple tree" won a prize. At the Sixth Republican festival held in Karaganda in 1999, statement by G. Gorin "Forget Herostratus..." received the Grand Prix, and in 2001 at the national theatre festival in Petropavlovsk performance sh Murtaza "Domalain" took the prize. And this is not all the achievements of the theatre.

The head of the Kazakh drama theater. S. Seifullin is a well-known worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan sansyzbai Nuriyevich of Bekbolatov, and place of the artistic Director is a worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the youth Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan - D. Espew.

The creative team of the Karaganda Kazakh drama theatre comprised of leading singers and talented actors, which shows its viewers new genres and boldly look to the future.