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The Karaganda regional istoriko-Museum of local lore

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Karaganda regional local history Museum is the largest Museum in the region. The Museum was opened in November 1932 as the Polytechnic Museum. In 1936, the Museum has expanded the collection of artifacts, sent by expedition of the USSR. In 1938 the institution was renamed the Regional Museum, then was opened the historical Department and the departments of nature and of socialist construction. In the early years of the Museum, there were approximately 712 items. There was a darkroom, projector, uzkolinejnye the camera and the gramophone.

The first archaeological expedition of the Museum was held in 1940 It was headed by Professor Sergei Kiselev. During the great Patriotic war the staff of the Museum created a section of the defense, which has placed materials on the Karaganda-veterans.

In 1962, the staff of Karaganda Museum in conjunction with the Central-Kazakhstan archeological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR took part in the excavations in the region. After that, the Museum funds were replenished with unique finds of the bronze age.

In 1964, the Museum was renamed the Museum of local lore. In December 1979, the Karaganda regional istoriko-Museum of local lore provided the modern building. The total area of the Museum is 2527 sq. m.

Today the Museum holds more than 140 thousand units of exhibits that allowed him to become the largest Museum in the region. The Museum consists of 4 departments: Department of General history, archeology and Ethnography, Department of funds, Department of contemporary history and the Department of excursion and mass work. The Museum exhibition in 14 halls and display the history of the region, from ancient times to the formation and development of region in conditions of independent Kazakhstan at the present stage.

Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with history of development of Karaganda district. Unique items discovered during excavations, are exhibited in one of the Museum halls. Then you can see the diverse flora and fauna of the region: in the Windows stuffed inhabitants of Central Kazakhstan. In addition, in the Karaganda historical Museum there are halls dedicated to modern Kazakhstan. Here you can see the history of independence, biography of the first President of the Republic, to visit the room devoted to space exploration and so on.

In the regional historical Museum of Karaganda, special attention is paid to innovative technologies. The Museum staff trying to make the exhibition more interactive, as in the best museums in the world.