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The memorial of Karasay and Agyntay

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The memorial of Karasay and Agyntay is located in the Central part of the Kazakh city of Petropavlovsk, on the square opposite the Russian drama theatre. Near the memorial are also in the Peter and Paul television station, a Museum complex "Residence of Abylay Khan" Humanitarian and technical College.

Batyrs Karasai and Agyntai are national heroes of Kazakhstan, they lived in the middle of the XVII century and participated in many a battle with the Dzungar army. Karasay commanded the militia, and Agyntay was involved in fights with the soldiers of the enemy. During the battle 1643-1644. the warriors have repeatedly demonstrated their courage and martial art, being a role model for the younger generation of sarbasov.

Solemn opening of the memorial to the batyrs Karasai and Agyntay was held in Petropavlovsk in June 1999 with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Bronze statues of legendary heroes are standing shoulder to shoulder. Warriors dressed in armor, one hand holding a shield in the other - spades. A bronze sculpture of the warriors were cast to the Belarusian experts, and its installation was carried out by the master of the Petropavlovsk heavy engineering plant. To manage the installation process requested the Department representatives of the Union of architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Architects of the memorial were made by Yu. a. Dvornikov and S. Fazylov, the sculptor, the famous master of B. S. Doszhanov, and a master of granite - A. Gaydaddy.

In October 1999, in Colsiba-Tobe aiyrtau district was erected a memorial complex dedicated to the great heroes of the batyrs Karasai and Agyntai.