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Mosque Nur Gasyr

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Mosque Nur Gasyr - Central mosque of Aktobe city. It is located on the Avenue of Abilkair Khan, near the 12th district of the city. Supervisor of the construction of the temple was appointed Professor of ARSU named after Zhubanov - zakratdin baydosov.

Among a number of projects sent from different countries of the world, the best was the project Aivars Sattarova who is the author of the project of the mosque Kul-Sharif in Kazan. Project engineer - S. B. Mike, the chief designer Yu. N. Volkov, chief designer - R. S. Sattarov.

The construction of the Aktobe Nur Gasyr was launched in April 2006 and ended in September 2008, the Ceremonial opening of the mosque took place on September 22 with the participation of President of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Russia - Dmitry Medvedev and former Supreme mufti of Kazakhstan Absattar Derbisali.

The building of the mosque is made in the form of a square, the corners of which are minarets with a height of 63 m. the Dome of the mosque is in the centre of the building and has a height of 40 m. the inside of the temple area is 500 sq. m. Construction of the mosque is made of monolithic reinforced concrete used for lining white marble.

The building of the mosque is on the ground floor of the regional Museum "Rukhaniyat", an area of 800 sq m. the Museum was opened in December 2011. The main activity of the Museum is to "implement research, scientific and educational activities, the identification and acquisition of Museum objects and Museum collections on the history of religion, their study and popularization of using primary sources of religion." In addition to the Museum in the basement is a room for ablution, a hall for holding memorial services, a dining room and a dressing room. The entrance to the Museum is separate.

In a dome hall you can see a chandelier made in the Czech Republic. The weight of the chandelier is 3 t, height - 7.5 m, width - 5.5 m. In the main hall is a pulpit of white marble, mihrab, decorated with national ornaments, has the words "Muhammad" "Allah" and "Allah Akbar".