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The toy Museum

Photos and description

The toy Museum in the city of Kostanay is the first and only of its kind Museum on the territory of Kazakhstan. The Museum is located on Gogol street in the Kazakh-French cultural and commercial centre on the fourth floor.

Kostanay Museum of toys is a whole Kingdom, which collected toys from different times and from different countries of the world. Today the Museum houses 5 thousand different items - from old toys to the most modern radio-controlled models. The organizers further plan to expand the collection and purchase for the Museum own the building.

Special attention of visitors attracted to the Egyptian female figure of the II Millennium BC, the mysterious Venetian carnival doll, a porcelain Dog, and a painted wooden Nutcracker, majestic porcelain Peter I, the Lord and boyar. Flaunt model European dolls. Russian dolls of the bast there is a Girl in a sundress, Arkhangelsk wedding doll, Vepsian doll's sling, a Girl of marriageable age, Kuwada, Platonica, Bast and Mother. Among modern dolls in the Museum are the world famous Barbie doll and Ken. Special look Kazakhstan souvenir doll in beautiful national costumes and the felt Yurt.

Besides dolls, the Museum has a collection of toy vehicles. This metal model hand made cars of the late XIX - early XX century, copies of the first steam engine, trolley, locomotive, and transport of German production.

Each toy, which can be seen in the Museum is unique. While adults shop, kids can have fun and play interactive games.