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Musical-drama theatre. S. Mukanov

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Kazakh musical-drama theatre named after Sabit Mukanov in the city of Petropavlovsk was founded in 2000, the First Director and founder of the theater was, Orazaly Akzharkyn Sarsenbek. In a short time the theatre had invited well-known theatrical figures, for example, honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - B. Preobrazhenskaya, M. Ospanov, J. Hajiyev and others.

The repertoire of the theater includes more than 50 productions, including "White cloud of Genghis Khan", "Enlik-Kebek", "Criminal case", "Batyr Bayan", S. Zhunusov "Kasalanan Kyz Bolduc", "zhau Zhurek", "Goats Carpes-Bayan Sulu", "a Lonely Apple tree", "Taxi dreams," "Oh, the newlyweds!", as well as performances according to the works of foreign playwrights - "Your Majesty" Saadallah wannous, "the Servant of two masters" Goldoni, "Sell husband" Zadornov and others.

Participating in various Republican and International festivals of theatrical arts, musical drama theatre. S. Mukanov is the holder of many awards and medals.

Today the theatre is headed by K. Kasymov. The main Director of theatre - B. Abdrakhmanov, chief artistic Director - B. Zhalgasbaev, main artist - G. Kozhahmetova. In the theatre the body of working artists, who are the holders of the Honorary title "Madeniet kairatkeri" - K. Akzholova, B. Zhalgasbaev, sh Aitbaeva, A. Supataeva, M. Akzholov, B. Shambet, B. Mamytbekov, N. Sarsebaev. When the musical drama created by the chamber orchestra and dance group "Alua".

The main task of Petropavlovsk Kazakh music and drama theatre is to hold high standards of craftsmanship, and a search for new solutions to creative problems.