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The Semipalatinsk Museum of local lore

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Semipalatinsk regional historical Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Located in the city of Semey Museum was founded in 1883, the Initiators of its creation were political exiles - people.

Involved in the founding of the Museum stood E. Michaelis, M. Suvoraw and V. Filippov, as well as political exiles, P. Lobanovsky, N. Dolgopolov, N. Konshin, A. Leontiev, A. black, and many others. Initiatives to establish museums and public libraries was supported by the Chairman of the interstate statistical Committee of the Governor Protsenko. In September 1883 the ceremonial opening of the Semipalatinsk regional Museum. The main leaders of the Museum were the members of the Committee Suvoraw and M. V. Filippov, Secretary - E. Michaelis.

For all time of its existence the Museum several times changed the location. His last move was implemented in 1978 To date, the Regional history Museum is located in the former House of the Governor-General. During the revolution and the civil war, the building was called the House of Freedom.

According to historical records, the Fund of the Museum originates from private collections that were collected by the political exiles and political refugees. By the early twentieth century in the Museum, there were 2489 exhibits, most of which were represented by exhibits of archaeology (427 units). A large number of exhibits Mineralogy, Zoology, botany (1860 items) and Ethnography (162). Currently, they constitute the Golden Fund of the Semipalatinsk regional history Museum.

Now in the Museum's collection holds more than 100 thousand exhibits. The exposition of the Museum is presented in six halls and contain the following sections: "Paleontology and Geology, Archeology and Ethnography," "the native land Nature", "History of the city and region", "Families in the years of independence", "the Alash movement and Alash city", "the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. We are for a nuclear-free world".

The Museum has an exhibition hall and scientific library of a closed type, in which there are more than 34 thousand books.