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Aktobe regional historical Museum is one of the largest cultural outreach and research centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since the founding of the institution did not have its own premises, which greatly influenced his work. However, in 1965, the local authorities decided to give the Museum a renovated building formerly owned by the hotel (monument of architecture of the 50s in the twentieth century). The total area of the Museum building is 2220 sq. m.

The main indicator of high creative work of the local history Museum are its collections, which number more than 100 thousand storage units. The Museum presents valuable collections in paleontology, archeology, numismatics, Mineralogy, botany, decorative arts, archival documents, photographs and rare books.

Currently, the Museum has 8 exhibition halls: Hall "history of the XIX-XX centuries", the hall "Archaeology and Ethnography", the hall "great Patriotic war", the hall of Nature, hall "Astronautics", the hall "warriors" hall "Kazakhstan dear independence" and hall "Famous neighbors". A special place in Aktobe regional historical and local lore Museum devoted to gold ornaments from burial mounds "mountainous", "Besoba", "Syntas", objects from the tombs of the Hun leader, stone figures X-XIII century, the remains of ancient animals and many more.

Huge interest of the visitors to the Museum is a room devoted to the nature of the region. Here is 61 species of plants entered into the Red book of Kazakhstan, and a further 22 species classified as endemic species. In addition, in this hall there are 32 species of rare birds including: pink flamingos, pink and curly pelicans, bustard, cranes, black velvet scoters and swans whooping.

The Museum holds historical, literary and musical events, holidays "Nauryz".