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Bath The Kali-Yunus

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Oriental baths Kali Yunus is one of the main architectural sights of Taraz. The architectural monument of the late XIX century, located in the Central part of the city, Baizak Batyr, near the mausoleum of Karakhan.

Oriental baths Kali Yunus was built by the residents of Aulie-ATA. Found near one of the baths a small stack of coins allowed archaeologists to determine the exact time of the existence of baths. Till the 50-ies of the XXth century bath was in effect. Later it was restored. In 1982 the baths Kali Yunus made a list of historical and cultural monuments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the construction of baths were used principles of architectural composition and heating system of Eastern medieval baths of the era that is of great interest to tourists and visitors. The structure is completely built of brick and plastered. At the top of the domes of the baths are rectangular openings for light. Bath the Kali-Yunus consisted of five rooms and had the appearance of a multi-domed building.

The inner part baths decorated curved arches and niches. As you know, in the East appreciate baths, which are reflected in their interior decoration. Unfortunately, fresco painting and a lush finish baths Kali Yunus to the present day preserved only some remains of foundations and walls, shelves to sit on.

The total area of the Eastern bath house is 450 sq. m. the height of the walls is 3 m, thickness - 0.8 m, height eleven areas down to domes - about 5-6 M.

The territory, which is Oriental baths Kali Yunus Taraz, fully landscaped. Organized sightseeing tours.