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Zhambyl regional local history Museum, located in Taraz city on the street Body bi, was founded in August 1931 as the municipal Museum. In the late 40-ies, the Museum received a new status - became regional. For all time of its existence the Museum collection was replenished from different sources - archaeological expeditions for individuals.

The most valuable exhibits of the Museum of Zhambyl was the original archaeological and numismatic collections, ethnographic items, photographs, documents. Then the Museum was located in a small building in two exhibition halls with an area is 328.5 sq. m. In 1978, the Museum was granted a three-storey building, located in the city centre. In 13 exhibition halls in chronological order reflected major historical milestones - from the first paleontological finds to the present day.

To date, the Museum has 35 thousand exhibits. In 2002, 2000th anniversary of Taraz city, the Museum completely remodeled. Then opened three showrooms: "history Museum "Taraz-2000", "Museum of old Turkic stone sculptures and ancient Turkic writing" and "Art Museum L. Brumaire." The total exhibition area of the Museum complex is about 2 thousand square meters.

The Museum exposition is divided into sections. In the archaeological Department holds a collection of stone tools found in the Karatau mountains, human remains, a bronze sickle, the findings of the Saka period. The nature section presents the rich paleontological collection, for example, petrified trees, petrified remains of sea creatures, remains of bones of large animals, and shows a huge collection of flora and fauna of the Zhambyl region. In addition, you can see an extensive collection of products of glazed and unglazed pottery, kitchen utensils, miscellaneous vessels small and large shapes, pipes, fixtures, steakouse, vessels for burial, bronze ware etc.

In Zhambyl regional local history Museum excursions, thematic excursions, meetings and "round tables" on current topics, movable and stationary exhibitions.