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Karaganda circus is perhaps the most famous building in the city. Regularly on the arena are bright and interesting performances, both Russian and foreign artists.

The first circus performances in Karaganda took place long before the appearance of a stationary circus. Mostly they were held in the circus tent or in temporary accommodation. The circus in Karaganda, was first opened to visitors in February 1983, But its construction began long before that - in 1975 For the construction of the circus took seven years.

Karaganda circus was built by local architect A. G. Boikova. It is worth noting that one of the memorable features of this circus is a four-meter sculpture "girl on a ball", which was installed on the roof of the building in 2004 Interesting is the fact that the architect of the circus were against this jewelry.

The locals with great warmth greeted the first performance of the Karaganda circus. The wonders of circus arts in the arena showed the Almaty circus performers and in the audience there was not a single free space. During the Soviet power tour in Karaganda circus did not stop, the citizens gladly accepted every new idea. In the history of the circus on the arena were a huge number of famous and talented artists.

In 2008 the administration of the city decided to close the circus for the overhaul. In 26 years of operation the circus building was severely dilapidated and the equipment is obsolete. Therefore, the repair of the building was necessary. The city authorities and the leadership of the Karaganda circus tried to make repairs in the shortest possible time. By the end of 2009 the circus again opened its doors to visitors.

Karaganda circus never had your own company, but today with circus acts in "the folk circus", which involved children in the near future can become a famous circus artists.