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Central mosque of Aktobe

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One of the most beautiful and magnificent mosques of Aktobe city is the Central mosque. The history of the mosque began in 1885 - it was the first time the question was raised about its construction. By 1900, for the construction of the mosque has made donations of more than 200 people. In 1901, in the Eastern part of the city was laid the Foundation of the mosque. But despite a ready-made blueprint for the future of the Muslim temple, its construction stopped due to material nature.

The construction of the mosque was finished only in 1903, and the first prayer was made to it in 1904 the building of the mosque could accommodate about 200 worshippers. In addition to the main building, the complex included the houses of muezzins and imams, madrasa, hotel for visitors of Muslims and stall for horses.

In 1921, the mosque was closed. In 1934 it was converted first to a print shop, then to warehouse the drama theatre. During the great Patriotic war of the adjoining mosque, fully dismantled for the construction of plants of agricultural machinery and rentgenapparatov.

In 1990, through the initiative of city leaders, the mosque was open again. In 2012, the complex restoration work was begun. This historical building was decided to keep as a Museum, and near it erect a new large mosque, with a capacity of about 1,250 people. As a result, the old building was enlarged with a new domed hall with a madrasa.

Authority of the city of Aktobe was not limited to the landscaping of the complex, they returned to the property of the Muslim community and the nearby square, which organized the Parking.

At the opening ceremony of the Central mosque of the city of Aktobe was attended by the Grand mufti Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Mayamerov and akim of the city Yerzhan Umarov.