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The Kazakh state circus

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One of the cultural and entertainment institutions, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, the Kazakh state circus. The circus is located in a beautiful modern building on the Abay Avenue. The staff of the Kazakh state circus consists of professional, talented and friendly circus performers, famous all over the world.

The Kazakh state circus was founded in 1970 by Its founders - young talented artists graduated from Almaty and Saratov circus Studio, as well as the Moscow circus school. The first concert took place in Samara in June 1970, this day was the birthday not only of Almaty circus, but all of the Kazakh circus, as the circus troupe in the country was the first.

Since 1972, the Almaty circus is running in its own building. It was built at the initiative of Dinmukhamed Kunaev, who at that time was the first Secretary of the Communist party of the Kazakh SSR. Architects of the project were the Elephants and I. V. Katsev. In the architecture of the new circus building is reflected as current trends and elements related to the national culture of the Kazakh people. Rotunda circus crowned with a hyperbolic dome.

Amphitheater for up to 2160 seats, belted a two-tier foyer, where the cloakroom and cupboards. Administrative building has artistic glaberrima, training arenas, a dining room, premises for animals. In addition, the on-site circus has two courtyard designed for walking animals.

With the acquisition of Republic of Kazakhstan's sovereignty in 1991, the circus came out of Union jurisdiction and was transformed into Republic state enterprise "Kazakh state circus". In 2002, the Kazakh circus moved to the municipal property of the city.

Some time the circus is experiencing not the best times. The building required urgent repairs, that money is not enough. The circus building were let as shops, retail outlets and restaurants. However, city officials found the money and decided to restore the former glory of his circus. As a result, in Almaty circus was a major overhaul, so now on the stage again there are wonderful rooms and programs.