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The Central mosque located in the city of Almaty at the corner of Pushkin and Mametova is one of the largest mosques of Kazakhstan. The building of the mosque since January 2002, is a monument of architecture.

Almaty Central mosque was built on the site of the old Church, which operated here from 1890, the mosque's Foundation was poured in 1993, but the construction ended only in 1999 by Sponsors of the project were architects K. Zharylganov, S. Baymagambetov, J. Sharapiev and designer K. tolebayev.

Three-storey rectangular plan the building of the mosque, made in the style of Timurid architecture, can simultaneously accommodate about 7 thousand visitors.

The corners of the temple are underlined towers with semicircular domes, with a height of 27 m. the Central dome of the building, which reaches a height of 36 meters, is located in the bunk drum. It is decorated with the belt of stalactites and bright color mosaic; it is surmounted by a gilded Crescent. The original dome covers bright blue ceramic tiles. However, in the course of 2010-2011, the restoration of the domes were covered with gold plates.

The main entrance to the Almaty mosque is accentuated by the so-called peshtak with a Lancet arch. It is decorated with original carved marble tiles. To the South-Eastern corner is adjacent to two storey transition to the minaret with a height of 47 m. Inside the mosque is a hall with two-tier arcades. The upper mezzanine level are also used as extra space for worshippers, congregation. The mihrab is tiled with epigraphic and ornamental decor. In the basement there are auxiliary rooms, spaces for washing and closet.

In December 2006 the National Bank of Kazakhstan issued a coin "Central mosque" from 925 sterling silver of 500 tenge with circulation of 4 thousand pieces.