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Park of culture and rest

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Park of culture and leisure is one of the natural parts of the city of Almaty.

Park in Medeu district was founded in 1856, the renowned scientist and gardener, G. Krishtopenko, as a place of rest Verny officers of the garrison. At that time it was known as the "state garden" and had a territory of over 100 hectares. Gardener, who had extensive experience in the Crimea, was planted in the garden, the first coniferous and deciduous trees. Especially for this he invited gardening enthusiasts Sergeeva, Canova and Calabardina. Having studied in detail the structure of the soil and climatic conditions of this area, growers have come to the conclusion that state-owned in addition to Asian garden plants can grow and the types that are characteristic of Central Russia.

In 1868, in the city Faithful brought seeds and tree seedlings from Tashkent, Penza school of horticulture and the Nikitsky Botanical garden. In 1874, the gardener Krishtopenko handed the management of the Treasury gardens brother known Verny Forester E. Baum - Charles. It made of the Park place for folk festivals.

The main purpose of "public garden" was the ornamental and fruit plants, vegetables, establishment of apiaries and more. In 1869-1875, on the territory of the Park there is a greenhouse, flower beds, nursery, and thanks to the initiative of the Baum opened a small school of horticulture. Later the Park was equipped with a kitchen and a pantry, built dance floor, gazebo, Yurt for Billiards and gaming tables, landscaped avenues.

In 1934 in the Park of Culture and Recreation was reconstructed, during which the waterfront was constructed recreation workers earned rides, and a little later opened the zoo. Initially the Park was named after A. M. Gorky, which he received in 1935.

Currently, the total area of the Park of culture and rest of Almaty city is only 42 hectares. there are a variety of cafes, dinopark, children's rides, winter and summer water parks, children's railway, sports fields, operate the rental boats.

In 2004 the owner of the Park had been private trading-the financial company "Altyn Taraz". After which a large lake was dried, is a small lake there is a modern water Park, and the place of cut down old oak trees - paved Parking lot.