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Architectural complex "Tekturmas"

Photos and description

The architectural complex of the Tekturmas in Taraz is an ancient place of cult situated in the South-Eastern part of the city on the right Bank of the Talas river, on the site of an ancient Zoroastrian cemetery (VII-XI century).

The name of the architectural complex "Tekturmas" means: "the mountain is not just worth it." In 1935, decorating the Bank of the river Talas architectural complex of the Tekturmas was destroyed. To date, the complex was restored in the medieval style. Originally erected buildings of the architectural complex is not preserved.

The mausoleum is an architectural monument of the XIV century is considered to be the burial place of Sultan Mahmudhan. According to one version, he was a local Saint, and on the other - the commander of the troops of the Karakhanids. Sultan Mahmudhan made an enormous contribution in the spread of Islam. Unfortunately, the exact date of construction of the mausoleum is not available.

Made in the early twentieth century photographs and the surviving parts of the monument, allowed to determine planning structure of the complex Tekturmas as a group, consisting of three buildings built in stages. The earliest and the main building was square in plan, single-domed kiosk centric songs. Its walls were unloaded the huge arched niches, located on the axis of the building, cut window and door openings. Dynamism and harmony of the building attached to the corners, treated by the vertical chamfers. The spherical dome was surmounted by a koubba. After a while, the South wall of the mausoleum was attached to a domed brick volume. Third, a small portal-dome structure was build adjacent to the Southeast corner of the extension.

From the hill, where stands the mausoleum, amazing views of the sprawling city of Taraz. The impression is reinforced by the picturesque river which gave its name to the ancient city.