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Karaganda regional mosque

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Karaganda regional mosque is a cultural and scientific center, located in ethnographic Park named after the 10th anniversary of Independence.

Karaganda is a cosmopolitan city. Here people of different beliefs and religions. As the number of people who practice Islam, beginning to grow rapidly, and existing in the city's mosques have been simply was not able to accommodate all the parishioners, raised the issue of the construction of new mosques.

In 2000 the Foundation of the future mosque was laid the first stone, and in November 2011, the long-awaited Grand opening of the mosque with the participation of President of Kazakhstan N.. Nazarbayev.

The amazing building of the mosque is surrounded by beautiful parkland. The building of the Karaganda regional mosque consists of three floors. A new mosque has four minarets with a height of 51 m. in Addition, above it rises the main dome with a height of 12 m and 8 smaller domes. Karaganda mosque can accommodate up to 4 thousand visitors that has allowed it to become one of the largest mosques of the Republic.

On the ground floor there is a wedding hall, women's and men's ablution rooms with walk-in closets and dining room. Upstairs is the men's prayer hall for the 3,200 members, and the third - a woman's prayer hall, with a capacity of 800 people. Internal and external finish is quite well visible all the typical motives, however, visible and Kazakh flavor, as all the craftsmen who were engaged in the decoration of the mosque, was originally from Kazakhstan. Special attention deserve stained glass Windows, gilded ornaments, amazing painted walls and trim elements.

To get to the Karaganda regional mosque can be anyone, the only prohibition is prayer halls on the second and third floors, where there is a clear division of men and women. If desired, the employees of the mosque, can you tell us about the history of the construction of the temple and also about the General situation of the Muslim religion.