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Museum of fine and decorative art

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The history of the Museum began in July 1981, It was then opened "Aktobe regional art exhibition hall". In 2006, the institution was transformed into SI "Aktobe regional Museum of decorative-applied and fine art".

In 2013, the Museum provided a new two-storey building in the heart of the city. Here was the space for a permanent exhibition and periodical exhibitions. Due to this, in November 2013 took place the presentation of the new Museum exhibition, which presented the exhibition of works by talented artists Aktobe in honour of 80-summer anniversary of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan. In addition, at the presentation of the General public were presented works of artists of Nizhny Tagil the exhibition of the Museum, displaying the works of best Kazakhstan and Aktobe artists.

The Foundation of the Aktobe regional Museum of art comprises more than 4 thousand works of art of various genres. Today the Museum is the center of attraction of new cultural initiatives, which allow the Museum to organize solo and joint exhibitions of Aktobe artists, and traveling exhibitions of artists of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, causing huge interest of the audience.

The main goal of the Museum is in exposition work, the development of a modern and professional art in all genres, to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of Aktobe region and their cultural traditions, promotion of Museum values and promoting folk art.