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Astana circus is one of the cultural and entertainment centers of the city. The construction of the circus began in December 2001 under the project of the talented architect Tolegen Abdilda, thanks to which managed to create a unique building in the shape of "flying saucers". The original outline of the Astana circus meets the modern style of the city and fits very well with the surrounding architecture.

The auditorium is designed for two thousand seats. Separately, there is a VIP lounge with a capacity of 36 people. Arena meets all the requirements of circus arts: modern equipment for laser show, flight of acrobats, convertible playpen, if necessary, turning into the ice arena.

To circus the building is four-storey hotel block, designed for 113 seats. In the hotel block to offers double and Deluxe rooms, bars and cafes. The administrative block consists of the administration of the circus, dressing room, training arena, enclosure for animals, workshops and other utility-service areas. All this and more allows the artists to comfortably accommodate during demonstrations in the city of Astana.

The circus staff consists of 320 employees, including 66 employees of the Directorate and of the administration of the circus. The Astana circus presents all genres of circus arts: clowning, gymnastics, acrobatics, illusion, taming of prey, small and large animals. On the balance of the capital circus contains the following animals: lions, donkeys, camels, ponies and Dalmatians.

The artists of the Astana circus constantly improve their numbers to impress their audiences with new interesting and exciting ideas.