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Drama theater. T. Ahtanov

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History of drama theater named after T. akhtanov in the city of Sittwe began in 1935 It was then, at the request of the national Commissioner T. Zhurgenov was first opened by the Kazakh music and drama theatre. The first Director of the theater became the City of lobsters. Under his leadership, from 1936 to 1941 was conducted performances of the best Kazakh classics, for example, "Isatai Makhambet", "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu", "Kyz Zhibek", "Enlik - Kebek", "Amangeldy", etc. In 1941 in connection with military operations, the theater was closed.

In 1965 on the basis of the regional House of culture was opened the Regional Russian drama theatre, the first Director of which was appointed by Vladimir Sergeyevich Tikhonov. In January 1966, the eyes of the visitors, the theatre presented the first play entitled "Between showers" (A. Stein), directed by B. Vinogradov. In the theatrical repertoire of the time, great attention is paid to Russian and foreign classics.

Already in 1992 on the basis of the regional drama theater was again opened Kazakh theater. His first actors were: S. Amankulov, B. Nurmagambetov, R. Taukebaeva, A. Makhambetova and B. Erzhanov. The opening of the first season took place in July 1992 with a performance of "CSC Kieu" (Aktanov). In 1997, the theater was given the name of a famous Kazakh writer and playwright - T. akhtanov. In 1998 Russian and Kazakh troupe joined "Aktobe regional drama theater named after T. akhtanov".

From June 2009 to November 2010 in the drama theatre was renovated and reconstructed. In March 2013, according to the decision of akimat of Aktobe region, the theater was reorganized by the merger of the Aktobe regional theatre of variety miniatures "EKI EZU" and the Aktobe regional drama theater named after T. akhtanov. Currently in the drama theatre has three groups: the Russian troupe, a Kazakh troupe and the troupe of satire "EKI EZU".