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The regional historic-local Museum of Kostanay is one of cultural and research institutions, as well as a single resource center for all state and public museums of the city. Opening small in those days, the city Museum took place in August 1915, In 1925, began the formation of the gun collection, which was donated to the Museum by former guerrillas, and photo-documentary Fund, dedicated to the history of the revolutionary events and the civil war in this region.

Among the first exhibits of the Museum includes visual AIDS on natural science, which was transferred to the city educational institutions, and ethnographic objects of everyday life. Thanks to the intensive study of the region by archaeologists, ethnographers and geologists in the 1930s and 1940s began the formation of the archaeological, paleontological and mineralogical Museum collections.

In 1936 the Museum was awarded the status of regional, and in January 1937 he was granted a permanent facility located in the heart of the city - the building of the XIX art. In 1995 the Museum moved to a new building which is a monument of architecture of the first half of the twentieth century is currently in stock collections of the regional history Museum contains more than 109 thousand units, 65 thousand of which the main Fund.

The Museum funds feature an extensive paleontological, Zoological, Botanical and entomological collections. Of particular interest to visitors among the archaeological exhibits is caused by finds of stone age, bronze age and early iron age. The most popular works of primitive art, namely, the altar with the head of argali, the sacrificial hammer "Hammer-God" and the stone sculpture "the Tobolsk thinker".

No less interesting and ethnographic collection of the Museum, which presents one of the best in the Republic of jewelry of Kazakh zergers of the NINETEENTH and twentieth century and a magnificent collection of national costumes.

Another property of the Kostanay regional history Museum is a wonderful collection of art, consisting of 4 thousand works of painting, sculpture and graphic works of famous masters of Kazakh fine art, as well as a rich numismatic collection, collection of heraldic symbols and marks.