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Sculptural and decorative composition "Sunsi"

Photos and description

Sculptural and decorative composition "Sunsi" - one of the attractions of the city. Sculptural composition is located in the square next to the Ethnographic Park. In translation from Kazakh language, the name of the monumental and decorative composition is translated as "Good news."

The monument consists of a sculpture composition made in the form of a stele, on top of which is installed the figure of a horseman, who rides his horse to be the first to bring good news. In addition to horse-figured compositions "Sunsi" monumental-decorative composition complement the signs of the Zodiac, set on a pedestal. The signs of the Zodiac form a circle and flank area at the base of the stele, the center of which is located a granite pedestal, where you can see the sign of the Center of the Earth.

The author of this sculptural and decorative composition is a writing team that consists of talented architects, members of the Union of architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Baimyrza, E. Sahieva, K. Zhanabilova, as well as the outstanding Kazakh sculptor, laureate of Lenin Komsomol prize J. Moldabayeva.

Grand opening of the monumental and decorative composition "Sunsi" was held in 2003 with participation of city leaders and local residents.

On the square near the stele is always crowded. Very popular sculptural and decorative composition enjoyed by honeymooners. Especially for them, in the Central part of the composition was the so-called music stand. If you click on a certain section of music cabinets, you will hear the wedding March of Mendelssohn. That is why there is no wedding in the city of Karaganda goes by without a visit to the sculptural and decorative composition "Sunsi".