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Kostanai memorial Museum. I. Altynsarin

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Regional memorial Museum named after I. Altynsarin is one of the cultural institutions of the city. The Museum was opened in October 1991 and was dedicated to 150-anniversary from the birthday of the famous teacher educator Ibrai Altynsarin. It Altynsarin is the author of the first Kazakh textbooks, and the author of many stories, fables and translations I. Krylov, L. Tolstoy. It marked the beginning of public education in Kazakhstan.

The memorial Museum is housed in a beautiful building, made in Oriental style, which is located in the old part of the city near the monument of I. Altynsarin and boarding school for gifted children named after I. Altynsarin. Part of the memorial Museum complex is an exact copy altynsarinskiy schools of those times of the era. The architect of the project was H. A. Kuchiki.

Today in the Museum's collection has more than 11 thousand exhibits. This is a collection of sources (archive documents on the history of education in the region, textbooks period XIX-XX century, photographs), and ethnographic objects, materials about prominent people of the region.

Kostanay regional memorial Museum named after I. Altynsarin is a collection of books, which are devoted to life and creative journey of a teacher-educator, things that are not once used in the family, books, models of schools I. Altynsarin, photos and more. The exhibits in the Museum reflect not only the life and activities of I. Altynsarin, but also the history of formation and development of the education system of the Kazakh people.

The most valuable item in the Museum is considered to be one of the few remaining personal belongings of the poet - woven wool cover bedding. In addition, the Museum presents interesting material about famous scientists, educators, cultural figures, poets and akyns and the graduates of Altynsarin school, a unique collection of historical relics and works of cousin of the poet - the popular Kazakh writer M. Khakimzhanova.

Currently, the Museum is a comprehensive scientific and educational institution operating in three areas: literature, education, culture and art.