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Mosque Muhammadi

Photos and description

Muhamadi mosque was erected in 2003 by the Sponsor of its construction was a private entrepreneur, Kazken anuarbekovich Muhamadiev.

Mosque Muhammadi is a building consisting of two minarets and a dome housing that has Central Asian features, namely the huge Central spherical dome of Bukhara and portals. The gentle blue color of the roof of the mosque symbolizes peace and tranquility. Sometimes embellishes dome in green, the symbol of Islam. Dome topped with the Crescent. The height of both minarets is 45 m. They are made in the Istanbul style, as it was erected by Turkish builders. Each of the minarets has three balconies, where, according to tradition, the muezzins call to prayer.

The building of the mosque is very spacious. It has several facilities: two prayer halls for men and women, and rooms for washing and service premises for abbots. Women's prayer hall situated on the second floor, and the men on the ground. Separate prayer for women and men is an important rule to Islamic rite. The floor in the prayer halls are covered with carpets, so when you log in, you have to take their shoes off. The inner side walls of the purchase shamail.

In front of the mosque, Muhammadi in two office rooms, villas and shop. Thanks to the many facilities, the mosque is very popular among Muslim business community.