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Mosque Nurdaulet

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Nurdaulet mosque is one of the oldest Kazakh city of Aktobe. The mosque, located at Avenue Abylkhair Khan, was opened in September 2001, there is also the House of Ceremonies and the madrasah. The building of the mosque Nurdaulet is part of the shopping center "Nurdaulet".

In 1999, a construction company family Bazarkulovich finished the construction of the shopping center "Nurdaulet", but the right wing of the building was left unfinished and the owners decided to make it a mosque. At that time the Central mosque of Aktobe city could no longer accommodate all of their members, and also were located away from the city centre. The construction of the mosque with a height of 37 m and area of about 2 thousand square meters lasted about six months. The construction of the mosque was carried out with funding by the initiators of its construction, as well as local entrepreneurs and ordinary residents of the city.

The ceremonial opening of the mosque timed to the 130th anniversary of Aktobe city and it was held with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The mosque was decided to name in honor of his father B. Bazarkhanov - Nurdaulet Adisseo.

In addition to the main hall of the mosque has two prayer rooms, a room for women, room for registration ceremony Muslim weddings and other offices (room of the muezzin, dining room, etc.). On the first floor of the mosque is a madrasah, the main prayer hall and rooms of the imams, and the second additional prayer hall, facilities for women and rooms of the servants of the mosque. The width of the mihrab of the mosque is 5 m, height - 6,5 m. the Main decoration of the main hall of the mosque - crystal chandelier, the height of which 7 m.

The mosque is crowned by four domes: a small dome above the main entrance to the mosque (6 m), middle dome (14 m), large dome (16.5 m) and the inner dome (18 meters).

Mosque "Nurdaulet" very nice and cozy. All its territory is decorated with different sculptures.