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Shymkent regional Museum

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Regional Museum - one of the cultural centers of the city of Shymkent. It was founded in 1920 in 1977, the Museum has been erected a building with a total area of 2367 sq. m.

This Museum contains relics relevant to the history of the region, which has more than two and a half thousand years. Exhibits here tell visitors not only about the history, life and culture of the population of the ancient cities of the silk road, but also about the traditions, customs, art, craft, civilization, and special characteristics of the spiritual identity of Kazakhs who for many centuries inhabited these places.

Regional Museum of Shymkent has research departments as the departments of history, archeology, Ethnography and nature, sightseeing-mass and methodical. In the Arsenal of the Museum's vast numismatic, archaeological, ethnographical collections. To date the Foundation of the Museum library there are about 5500 books.

Its guests regional Museum offers to visit more than thousands of General and thematic tours. Every year visitors institutions become 100 thousand, read more than 300 lectures, organized over 100 events.

Today the Museum has three branches.